sábado, 27 de junho de 2015


"I remember I used to despise sheep for being so profoundly stupid. I'd seen them eat and eat, I'd watched dogs outsmart whole flocks of them, I'd chased them and laughed at the way they ran, watched them get themselves into all sorts of stupid, tangled situations (...). It was years, and a long slow process, before I eventually realised what sheep really represented: not their own stupidity, but our power, our avarice and egotism.

After I'd come to understand evolution and know a little about history and farming, I saw that the thick white animals I laughed at for following each other around and getting caught in bushes were the product of generations of farmers as much as generations of sheeps; we made them, we moulded them from the wild, smart survivors that were their ancestors so that they would become docile, frightened, stupid, tasty wool-producers."

Iain Banks (1954-2013). The Wasp Factory (1984). London: Abacus, 2013, p. 192-3

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